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Why Nobody Responds to Your Newsletters and E-Shots

If you’re taking the approach that most people take to email marketing, you’re either sending a monthly “newsletter” or an occasional “e-shot”. An "e-shot" is like a flyer to advertise your business sent by email.

If you are doing that, good for you, because that’s better than doing nothing.

But I'm guessing that your newsletters rarely provoke much of a response, and that if you've tried sending e-shots, you've been very, very disappointed with the results.

There are good reasons why newsletters and emails fail. They are the least effective way to market your business by email. Let me explain why .....

It's really to do with a lack of focus. Newsletters and e-shots ignore the buyer's thinking process.

E-shots assume that everyone is ready to buy right now. The reader is treated as though she is just waiting for someone to point her in the right direction.

This is only true for a tiny fraction of your readers. Most of them are not just about to book themselves some music lessons, or change their telephone supplier, or get some printing done, or buy a new car, or whatever product or service it is that you provide.

So why send them an e-shot as if they are?

Newsletters focus on what’s on the mind of the writer, rather than what’s in the mind of the reader. They usually fail because, well quite honestly, who wants to read a newsletter? Everybody wants to send them, but who wants to read them? Think about it - how many "newsletters" have you sat down and read through recently?

Even if they’re from someone you like and trust, you haven’t got the time. So you file the newsletter in a pending folder to come back to later. Only you never do. If you’ve got such a folder it’s probably full of unread stuff that you plan to read later. Every so often when the folder's full, you just delete everything in it, unread.

So - the "e-shot" and the "newsletter" must both be condemned to the dustbin of marketing history. There are much better ways to use email to promote your business.

So, what are they? 

Well, I will deal with the question of what to write and how to write it elsewhere. But it starts with how you plan your campaigns.

There are two vital questions that you should be asking yourself when you're planning your emails.

  1. WHY am I sending this email?

  2. What ACTION do I want my reader to take upon reading my email?

If you don’t start with these two questions, your emails will lack any sense of purpose, and nobody will do anything as a result of reading them.

There's more to it, of course, which I'll cover in later posts, but in the meantime, make sure that all your emails are purposeful, and motivate your reader to take action.

To find out more about how to market your business more effectively using email, sign up for our FREE Webinar, "The Eight Essential Elements of Email Marketing". Let us show you how to transform your email marketing to help you reach more customers, make more sales, increase customer loyalty, improve customer retention and reduce the time you spend on your email marketing.