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If you want responses, be responsive!


The biggest change in email marketing in recent years is the rise of smartphones and tablets.

Believe it or not, the No 1 activity on smartphones is reading emails. Today, more people open their emails on mobile devices than on desktop or webmail.

This has implications for your design. If your emails don't look good on mobile devices, your results will take a nose-dive.

Find out why, and what to do about it ...

Many people think that if someone opens an email on their phone that doesn't look too good, they will simply close it and open it later on a desktop device. 

The research shows that simply isn't the case. An overwhelmingly large majority - 70% - will simply delete it. So it is vitally important to ensure that your emails adapt automatically to mobile devices.

This is what is meant by a "mobile-responsive" design. Templates can be designed so that they look one way on a desktop and another way on a mobile device.

This is done automatically on the device, triggered by special code in the email.

Coding emails this way is very technical, and prone to error. The simple shortcut is to make sure that you're using software that has this feature built in.

We're resellers for Dotmailer, the UK's largest email service provider, but there are other software packages that can create mobile-responsive templates. 

Make sure that your software allows you to display your emails differently on desktops and mobiles. Mobile versions work better with more images and less text, so your software should also allow you to hide sections that you don't want to appear on the mobile version.

It should include the option to keep images in proportion or display them full-width, and let you choose whether you want columns to be stacked or not.

Displaying your emails beautifully on mobile devices is so important that if your software won't let you do it, it's probably time to upgrade.

To find out more about how to market your business more effectively using email, sign up for our FREE Webinar, "The Eight Essential Elements of Email Marketing". Let us show you how to transform your email marketing to help you reach more customers, make more sales, increase customer loyalty, improve customer retention and reduce the time you spend on your email marketing.