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Fully Optimised Results

One Email Marketing KPI that Nobody Talks About


If you use email marketing, then you will want to make sure that your results are constantly improving.

So, you probably measure several key performance indicators, for example:

  • Delivery Rate - that's the percentage of emails sent that are actually delivered; although this is no guarantee that your reader received the email or was even aware of it
  • Open Rate - that's the percentage of people who received the email who went on to open it; although the fact that an email registered as an open does not mean that the person read it, or has even seen it
  • Click-to-Open Rate, sometimes referred to incorrectly as Click-Through Rate - that's the percentage of people who opened the email that clicked on a link
  • Forwards - that's an estimate of how many people forwarded the email to others
  • Unsubscribe Rate - that's the percentage of people who unsubscribed after receiving the email
  • Return on investment - that's the amount of money generated by a campaign divided by the cost; not always easy to calculate, but you should at least try, to check that your campaigns are delivering good value

But there is one Key Performance Indicator that I think is really important, and I don't hear people talking about it very often....

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