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A Fountain of Fresh Content

The 5-4-3 Formula of Easy Content Creation

If you're like most people you sometimes find it hard to decide what to write about.

A lot of people opt for sending monthly newsletters, but it's hard to find anyone who admits to wanting to read newsletters. Why would you want to know what's going on with your suppliers, it's just not what people are interested in.

If you've taken the time to define your ideal client, and you've gained deeper insights into what motivates your prospects, you won't be surprised to hear that. If you've used these methods, you'll already know that your customers and prospects are only interested in two things, a problem they've got that you can get rid of for them, or a result that they want that you can help them to achieve.

But how can you turn these two simple topics into a fountain of fresh content for your campaigns?

It's easy when you use the 5-4-3 Formula. Here's how to do it ..... 

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