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IMPORTANT! So that we can give you the best possible feedback, please send your email using your normal email marketing software. Do not forward it from an ordinary email account, as this often corrupts the layout.


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    Subject Line - Tips on how to grab your reader's attention in a crowded inbox, plus insider secrets that top email marketers use to get people to open your emails.

  • 2.

    Content - Ideas on how your content could be made more engaging so that your readers are kept interested.

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    Writing Style - Suggestions to make your emails easier to read and more lively and engaging for your readers.

  • 4.

    Call-to-Action - How to motivate your readers to take action and make an enquiry or make a purchase.

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    Spam Score and Deliverability - Find out how spam filters react to your emails, and discover how many of your emails are actually delivered with our deliverability test. We'll give you advice on how to get through into more people's inboxes.

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    Mobile-Readiness and Display - We'll test your email in all the main email clients, including mobile (Outlook, GMail, Apple Mail, iPhone, Android, Thunderbird, Office 365, AOL, Yahoo etc). You'll receive feedback on how well your emails look in different email clients and what you can do to improve them.
    (NB - We can only do this if you send your email from your actual email marketing software)

  • 7.

    Design Tips - Suggestions on how to improve layouts to make your emails more eye-catching, and encourage more people to read on and take action.


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"Really helped us understand how to drill down to get to the bottom of what it is we are trying to say, and who it is we are trying to say it to."

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“It’s a real pleasure working with you guys at Inbox Income. You always put a huge amount of effort in to ensure that we are presenting ourselves in the best way possible to our target audience.”

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