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Talk to us on 023 8000 1105
or email service@inboxincome.co.uk

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Shelton Development Services

SDS provides software programmes to the housing sector, primarily to assist social housing providers to build new developments.

Prior to using Inbox Income, sales emails were written and sent individually. SDS have several products which made this process time consuming and inconsistent. Once they identified a need to start a mailing programme, Inbox Income were recommended to them.

SDS now send regular emails and have good open results of around 12-13%. They’re able to easily track click-throughs and arrange triggered emails as a result of user interaction. Since using the software, they’ve found reporting to be comprehensive and clear, and being able to segment contacts allows them to be very specific in their targeting to achieve even better results.

SDS have also taken advantage of tutorials with Murray which has increased their knowledge of how to take full advantage of the software functionality, particularly with regards to automation programmes. When they need help, Inbox Income’s Technical Support Administrator is always available to make sure their queries are answered.

“I would happily recommend Inbox Income to businesses that need to run an efficient mailing programme to generate sales leads and market awareness.”
Alison Schur
Senior Executive – Sales & Marketing, Shelton Development Services

logo groundline

Groundline Enterprises Ltd

Global City Cards are a leading supplier of travel cards and public transport tickets, city cards, city sightseeing and airport transfers, covering over 140 cities in the world. Running alongside Global City Cards is Hello Paris, providing an insider's view on the the very best that Paris has to offer, from fantastic sights to huge savings.

The problem that Global City Cards and Hello Paris had, was that their Email Marketing was very ad-hoc, with little or no structure to the schedule or content. They weren’t able to use Email Marketing for it’s main purpose - to engage readers and capture their details for future marketing activities.

This was causing, owner Laurie Pruvost, high levels of frustrations as she knew the importance of Email Marketing but felt that as a company, they didn’t know how to go about it effectively. As a result they were being left out of the game and left behind. Her previous email marketing providers were too expensive, required too much guidance from her and needed more input than she could provide during the working week, resulting in unstructured, irregular and unprofessional campaigns.

Having read Inbox Income’s Industry Insights emails, Laurie attended one of our live seminars. On seeing the freedom and that Inbox Income could provide her with, through a structured Managed Service, and being aware of their own resource limitations, Inbox Income undertook her campaigns.

As a result, the email marketing campaigns for both Global City Cards and Hello Paris are now presented to a high quality. The campaigns not only meet her requirements, but are structured, managed efficiently and presented in a modern format with mobile-responsiveness in mind. All the emails are monitored regularly to provide constructive feedback and guidance when needed.

“You’re always there when I need you for Email Marketing support, providing us with insightful guidance to help us improve results from our campaigns. Presenting our marketing efforts in a consistent manner has resulted in significantly increased levels of business every month, and a several fold return on investment. What's best is that we have a great relationship as I'm certain you do with your many other customers.”
Laurie Pruvost
Owner, Global City Cards/Hello Paris


Jubilee Sailing Trust

The Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) is a registered charity whose mission is to promote the integration of people of all physical abilities through the challenge and adventure of tall ship sailing aboard two very special ships, Lord Nelson and Tenacious. They offer both able-bodied and disabled people holidays where you get the chance to experience working together in a fantastic environment.

Before working with Inbox Income, Jubilee Sailing Trust has a real issue. They were unable to maintain regular contact with their clients in a professional, affordable way. Having previously used Sales Force to monitor and maintain their customer relationships, they were using it’s in built tools to contact clients.

But this was very limiting in two ways; it was hindering the volume of emails they wanted to send, and it wasn’t providing them with the sort of tracking and analytical insights they needed to enable them to respond efficiently and effectively to enquiries. They needed to be able to communicate regularly and in a more targeted fashion, with their customer base, and in doing so support their e-commerce and enhance relationship management. Not being able to do this was causing significant frustrations. They knew that they could be missing out on sponsorship and enquiries through a simple lack of effective communication.

Seeking an answer to their problem, they hunted around comparing the alternative offerings available on the market - then they came across Inbox Income. Following insightful discussions with Senior Consultant, Murray Cowell, on how the Inbox Income software could help them solve their problems, the Jubilee Sailing Trust commenced a new era of Email Marketing.

Since then, they’ve had a continuously good relationship with Murray Cowell and the team ast Inbox Income. Murray has also experienced the ships, first hand.

“Using the Inbox Income Email Marketing software has made things easier and less time-consuming has increased our ROI many times over as well as increasing our e-commerce levels. It's enabled us to build and improve our 1:1 relationship with our customers. We’ve been able to present them with offers and useful, interesting and relevant news, which in turn has given us more sales opportunities.”
Jon Wood
Corporate Business Development Manager, Jubilee Sailing Trust


Seed Mentors

Seed Mentors is a London based financial services company facilitating investment and funding in UK based startup businesses. They also provide professional mentoring services to help develop these companies as the grow, providing them with professional advice as they put their funding into use.

Financial services are not always perceived to be an enticing subject. Certainly, if you were to receive regular emails from many, it wouldn’t necessarily be on your list of bedtime reading. The Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes are also not always in the forefront of minds of Independent Financial Advisers, when advising their clients regarding funding opportunities.

This lack of awareness and a desire to be reach a wider target audience of both advisors for those seeking funding, and investors, was causing increasing levels of frustration. Seed Mentors weren’t able to engage with their target audiences effectively.

We worked with closely with the management team at seed Mentors to gain a clear understanding of their products and services, and ideal clients, in order to achieve a clear plan of action for their Email Marketing, with an even clearer goal in mind.

Following a continued, carefully planned sequence of campaigns, Seed Mentors have been able to increase awareness in the market place of their products and services. This has helped to elevate the brand to an even more recognised name in the industry, as well as establish them as an authority in Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes.

This has led to a heightened level of satisfaction in their marketing efforts and confidence that with continued campaigns, they can retain their new found status.

“It’s a real pleasure working with the guys at Inbox Income. They always put a huge amount of effort in to ensure that we are presenting ourselves in the best way possible to our target audience.”
Shani Randall
Senior Business Development Executive, Seed Mentors


Action Coach Solent

ActionCOACH Solent provide coaching and training to help business owners grow their business, giving them more pounds in their pocket, and more time to enjoy it.

ActionCOACH Solent were already sending out email campaigns using Constant Contact. However, their desire to use the results of these campaigns to help them filter out their hottest prospects, was soon hindered by significant obstacles; Their email results were hard to track, campaigns were laborious and time-consuming to create and they had no integration with their CRM system.

The combined effect of these issues, was making it increasingly difficult for them to make the most of their marketing efforts. Additionally, they had no real marketing strategy or in-house expertise and creativity which they could use to enhance their campaigns.

Overall, they felt like frustrated email senders. They knew their campaigns weren’t effective and not generating the income they had hoped for. Their Email Marketing was more of a cost than an investment because it was simply not working!

Inbox Income worked with them to build a consistent approach to their campaigns. The expert advice being one key reason why ActionCOACH Solent chose Inbox Income over the alternatives. This advice, incorporated with our market-leading software allowed them to alleviate the frustrations of spending hours every week on manual time-consuming work - time which could be better spent elsewhere on the business.

Following full training on how to use the software, MD Kevin Stansfield was then able to use the simple, user-friendly reporting tools to provide him with accurate information about how his campaigns were working.

ActionCOACH Solent were also now able to integrate with their CRM system, Sales Force. This enabled them to build up a clear, up-to-date picture of their prospect interaction levels. Ultimately filtering out who their highest priority contacts were, and establishing where they should focus their follow-up efforts.

Inbox Income’s expert advice and user-friendly software has given them consistent and effective marketing that fits into their sales process, allowing them to plan ahead. Campaigns are set up well in advance, and in a consistent manner, increase efficiency and saving time.

They can now clearly track leads, right back to their earliest points of engagements, so they can follow the path that their readers have been travelling. The result of this has engendered confidence in the Email Marketing process, allowing them to “spin-the-plate” of regular Email Marketing with minimum effort, with the assurance that the job gets done to high standard.

They no longer fear changing their approach when the time comes, as they once did. Not worrying that things wouldn’t work, or worrying that the software wouldn’t allow them to pursue new avenues with new tactics, or adjust their strategy in accordance with how readers were responding to their campaigns.

Working with the Inbox Income has taken away the pain and frustrations of not being able to achieve their aims. Valuable time has been released, giving ActionCOACH Solent the freedom to enjoy the benefits of their Email Marketing efforts. Kevin and his team have the liberating experience of having a solid, reliable platform behind them, on which they can build and develop their marketing strategy. Previously having an in-house marketeer meant spending hours emailing - a process which now takes less than an hour a week.

“Working with the guys at Inbox Income has really helped us make more of our time. You have a clear understanding of our business and what we want to achieve, which makes big difference.

We’re now able to make regular contact with our target audience in a consistent way, and we can respond to enquiries more efficiently. Your team are always approachable and friendly, and are happy to provide assistance, advice and technical support when needed.

I’d happily recommend Inbox Income to anyone seeking to achieve their goals and put their Email Marketing in safe hands.”

Kevin Stansfield
Managing Director, Action Coach Solent